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Blessed Beauty

Emily is chock-full of vitality and ambition. This ravishing 19 year old from the Ukraine is determined that the world will be hearing about her – and soon.

Hollywood is her goal. That is no idle dream. Currently she is a star student studying feature film acting at university in Kiev. Movies are her passion. Just recently, to broaden her accomplishments, she has branched out into modelling. To her surprise – and everybody else’s delight – she has discovered that she gets turned on by modelling nude. Emily throws everything she has got into this new-found talent of hers. She can’t stop smiling and laughing at the joy of it all. When you match that up with her milky-white complexion and youthful looks you get star quality.

Soon she will be up there with the screen legends that she idolises.

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Shako - Naked Celebrity

Sexy Celebrity

Shako is already a big name in her native Ukraine. How’s this for a list of achievements?

She has built a reputation there as an actress, a model and a singer. She’s got a long list of credits to her name featuring in films and TV commercials. The Ukrainian edition of “Playboy” competed to get her on its cover. So she is used to high-profile gigs. What more worlds are left for her to conquer? For a start, there is the nude modelling that she has agreed to do for Hegre-Art. Like everything else she does, this will be full on. It is all part of her grand plan to take LA and Miami by storm. Shako is sharp and smart. She is a big fan of Woody Allen, especially his “Match Point” movie. This is a girl who knows how the world works.

You needn’t be surprised when you see her on the Stateside red carpets.

How to shoot a nude woman.

Amateur photographers looking to improve their skills know it’s a great idea to watch a professional at work. In this fly-on-the-wall insight into a Hegre.com photoshoot, you’ll pick up a few tricks of the trade. While not a technical lesson, you’ll learn about a key part of making a nude shoot successful: the relationship between the photographer and the model.

Watch how Petter expertly directs Daniela. Always chatting, he uses his experience to help her find the right pose, while keeping the energy level high. If the photographer is silent, the model becomes more like a mannequin, rather than a living breathing human.

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