In Bed With Dominika C

Climb in between the sheets with Dominika C but be warned! It’s about to get very hot!

Not one to hold back, Dominka is in the mood for some fun. So enjoy the show as she expertly massages and pulls on those awesome pussy lips! Watch in awe as she works herself up into a highly aroused state, forgetting the camera to reach for the orgasmic release she so needs!

Uninhibited and focused on her own pleasure – now you can really enjoy the gorgeous Dominika C!

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When this girl moves, she teases…

With her perfectly petite body and flawless white skin, you could easily mistake Daniela for a porcelain doll. But she is no ceramic toy. She’s a real girl who’s about to captivate your attention. But it’s not just her looks that will hook you in. Just watch this girl move. It’s totally hypnotic. With a natural sense of rhythm, every graceful movement oozes sexual expression. When this girl moves, she teases. This is a beautiful and sexy short movie to get lost in for a few minutes. So what are you waiting for?

"Excellence in erotic expression."

Erotic Oscars, London

Konata And Lulu The Kiss

An Erotic Journey

There are no distractions, nothing to make your eye wander from these exotic and beautiful women as they discover each other.

This is an artist’s expression of two new lovers, experiencing their first kiss. Watch them close their eyes as their lips meet, their tongues explore, and their hands gently probe the other’s body. It is a sensual journey of discovery, for them and for us.

An inspiring and beautiful new film. One that continues to push the boundaries of erotic art as only Hegre-Art can do.

I Love Paris

Liberty. Equality. Fraternity.

Paris can take a punch. The city (or some form of settlement) has been around for thousands of years.

So as shocking as the recent events in Paris were, they will not stop the people of the city living on. And the people of Paris know how to live. It’s a city filled with passion and ideas and love and freedom and artistic expression. It’s a city to fall in love with.

In our latest Nude City Guide, we celebrate Paris in the way we know best – naked. Watch as our sexy model shows the locals just what she’s got below her faux fur coat.


"Brings refinement to the web"
GQ, Italy


"The pictures are scarily intimate!"

Erotic Oscars

"Excellence in erotic expression."
Erotic Oscars, London


"The Art Of Seduction"
Esquire Magazine

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